Portrait Study and Thoughts on Good Art And Realism

2018-03-01 03.43.50 1.jpg2018-03-01 03.43.50 2.jpg2018-03-01 03.43.51 3.jpgSo  I finally made something realistic (well, this as realistic it can get without me getting mildly neurotic).  I picked a random reference  picture from one of my (secret :P) pinterest boards and just started copy it on to this wonderful watercolor paper set i bought, without giving much thought .the reason that i did did this was because i haven’t painted from reference for an over an year now. I wanted to make sure that i am still capable of doing such work. Also its a good exercises to practice things like values etc. But the end of the day no matter how many creative liberties I take , if i am taking a reference photograph and painting from it I don’t feel like it’s my own work. However, that also depends on the number of creative liberties that I take. At some point while painting or sketching there’s no longer a need to look at the photograph anymore. Nothing is original. Every idea is derived from ideas that cam before it .Similarly every work of art is a copy of copy  of copy of .. ….of maybe some mythical holy grail sort of art called The Original art.

2018-03-01 02.45.38 2.jpg

What is Good Art ?Good Art should elicit an emotional response in the viewer. It doesn’t have to be a realistic painting . People have been moved to tears by Rothko’s art . But then again Emotional Response is such a subjective and variable yardstick . A group of people can  look at he same piece and have different emotional responses to different degrees.


Enter Capitalism.
Lack of a universal yardstick for good art and the plague of capitalism has created this misbelief that art that sells for a lot is good .Is Jeff Koons giant balloon dog  really worth 50 million dollars.

Balloon Dog-Jeff Koons

Is it Art? Definietely .Is it good Art ?Does it inspire any kind of emotional response?To me,Nope.It’s just a shiny sculpture.