Arrival And Departure

2015-01-25 21.05.41

At the end of that bright tunnel

he saw his universe expand in front of him

A universe much colder than

 what he had known since last nine months;

 After the first step of his pilgrimage,

 he knew the rest of the route set for him

and he never looked back.

  the Arrival and Departure

2015-02-01 18.25.46


And now you know your time has come

Halt your fight, rest your sword,

I know the battle is far from over,

But your part in this play is done.

Amongst the mellow leaves of a solitary field

Lay your bed. Sacred sacred warrior

shed your skin again

And sleep.

Sleep with the contentment

that everything that could be done ,

Has been done.

Sleep till tranquility washes away all your pain

And cleanses the mind of the horrors you have witnessed.

Sleep my child, rest in peace

Let go of those reigns on your breath

Wrest all the rest while you can

for tomorrow there will be a new battle to be won.



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