I finally saw how ridiculous the last about me page was (which was written four years ago)  and thought its probably time to update this and maybe make it less pain to read through this time.

Hello, I am a fellow human. I also happen to be an artist and undergrad student of Bioinformatics (Google that!). I enjoy making beautiful things a lot and meaningful even more.As is evidenced by this article, I try my best to be funny. But sadly that is a skill that I could not master or be moderately good at…yet.

What is this?

This is a blog.It says Where is my coffee because I love coffee. I love it so much i think i desensitized my brain with tons of caffeine. I might have named this blog  under its influence. Anyway, for better or worse we are all stuck with this name.

You will mostly find paintings r sketch works  here.If you like something please comment and let me know. Also,If hate something here, please comment and let me know ,because there is always room for criticism and debate.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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