T K Padmini


She was probably greatest  female Indian artist of her time (second only to Amrita Sher-Gil).

In 50’s and 60’s it was  already a difficult life to live an artist life but to be a woman and an artist meant was even more difficult.A female artist just like Amrita Sher-Gil, but unlike Sher-Gil, Padmini and her work never attained fame or recognition  at international level . May be it was the lack of European lineage or her  very short life (though both women died around the same age) or simply  our plain indifference to indigenous art and artist.

T K Padmini was a Kerala born painter who dedicated most of her life capturing the rural lifestyle around her.A significant portion of her work has female perspective , desire and presence in them. At time her paintings focus on the relationship between man and woman. Figures in her paintings are painted free and mostly  nude  with rough and confident strokes of oil color on canvas. Painting  was a medium of  fullest expression for Padmini and she did not shy away from nudity. This was something which was rare in her time especially among  female artists.

Unfortunately the world was robbed of her and her full potential   in 1969 when she passed away due to pregnancy related complications.

Girl flying a kite (inspired by t k padmini’s painting by same name)

Few of here paintings : http://www.edasseri.org/tk_padmini/paintings_1.htm

Drawings : http://www.edasseri.org/tk_padmini/drawings.htm 

Know more about her here :http://www.edasseri.org/tk_padmini/the_artist.htm

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