Something profound struck me when I was drawing these illustrations for the magazine.
When I was filling in color and rubbing charcoal here and there, it transported me to a trance like state. It made me forget the purpose of the work and I started wondering about the characters in the drawings , their history, started constructing their stories in my and their emotions captured  on this A4 sized acid free paper.They felt like ordinary people I might run into ,tomorrow while going to office.These didn’t feel like scenes from an Utopian future instead I started why the hell things aren’t like this now. Why cant everyone just agree that there is more than one way of making a family ?

And then reality struck me. Hard.

In these turmoil filled days of hate crimes, shootings   and burnings, our resistance  our marches, those endless tiring debates trying to drill into conservative , nationalist and fascist minds to explain simple things like equality and dignity – they are necessary.It’s important and very consoling to remember that we are doing this to save something beautiful and pure (like a mother’s love) that is being made perverse.

Read 2017 edition of IDAHOT Watchdog here Love Makes Familt:2017 IDAHOT Watchdog

Download the pdf here: idahot-watchdog-2017


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