Why so sad?

Whenever i show someone my artwork in reply in frequently get these instead of some good deep meaning that i so deeply expect-

  • Why does it look so sad?
  • Why is all you artwork seem so pessimistic?
  • Is it a self portrait?is it meant to show your internal state of mind?
  • You should bring more positiveness in your artwork!

And i get convinced sometimes that i might be having a bad mental disorder. Look at these doodles that I madeGood Stuff

Two problems with these-

  • These don’t look normal.
  • Some of these are scary.

But jokes apart, i feel ridiculous when i have spend hours to  make something only because it is beautiful. Beauty with Meaning is my aim.

So,you will never find me sketching Emma Watson just because she is beautiful. However you might find me sketching her portrait because she is strong inspirational woman who shook the world with her speech at United Nations.

And if you do find something pessimistic and sad (though,i would prefer the words intriguing and meaningful), Guess what? this is not a Fairy land. This is a world filled with people who kick puppies for no reason. Ignoring these ugly truths is not going to make it a better place. The only way to make it better is reminding ourselves of its ugliness again and again and not becoming comfortable and complacent  with it.

Happy people never made history and if you still want to be happy, Fine!Good for you! Go watch Teletubbies!! (just kidding ,still love that show!). Ignorance is bliss and it is not selfish or foolish to choose that .But please don’t tell me that you don’t see what i see.If you see injustice how can you not be affected by it?

I believe any experience of art is an act of looking into mirror, if we don’t like our reflections it is not mirror’s fault.

(click to enlarge)


To know  whose reflections these paintings are please see the following links.

Honour killings in India

Iran executes gay men


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