Mother Nature (Gaia)

I have recently developed this romanticism with an idea that just how we are made of billions of living cells there may be some larger figure which is an embodiment of all the living things on this planet.

Mother Nature , Gaia, Prithvi or God, call it whatever you want to.

And may be, it too has conscience.

Such a figure would be presumably feminine.

Everything that we are thinking she is thinking. Everything that we are feeling she feels too.

And she is all around us   plants, trees, butterflies, squirrels..

I wonder what she feels about current state of war and exploitation of her progeny.

Is she sad? And waiting for better days for them?

Is she angry? And wants to teach them a lesson by a tsunami and a few earthquakes here and there?

Or is she laid back and thinks that the planet is just going through a rebellious teenage phase and everything is going to turn out well.

What is the point in all this?

Right now my left brain is screaming at my right  “Are you insane or High? There is no mother nature. Its Biosphere and it doesn’t have conscience”.

But I would still not let go of this idea. Because if we believe in such an idea, may be then we would be considerate towards her.

May be then  we will stop hurting our mother.

And each other.


3 thoughts on “Mother Nature (Gaia)

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