Poem :The “State” Of India


The deMOCKratic state of India,

Where democracy stands for Majority kicks Minority’s butt,

Here sex is a taboo, yet gang-rapes make it to the headlines every day,

Marital rape is legal here, for marriage is a sacred life time sex contract,

Here alternative Sexuality is criminal, for God hates fags and this is a god fearing nation,

And that’s why the pious countrymen of this pious country demolished the babri and beheaded Jafri

Pious Indeed!

We pay alms at temples, so that we are forgiven for being corrupt in Offices.

God Fearing Indeed!

We dump our shit in sacred rivers and bathe in them cleanse us of our sins

Here’s a country, whose yesteryears leaders dreamt of “Sone Ki chidiya”,(The Golden Bird)

But now, Religious crooks lead Educated Fools


Hypocrisy, Patriarchy, Misogyny, Hatred and Superstitions hide

Underneath the hood of Tradition, Fear of God, culture and Religion.

Incredible India!

Jai Hind!


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